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Zero Shine 2.0 (2.6 oz) | Anti-Shine Cream for Bald Head

After getting your scalp micropigmentation procedure, you will notice your new look and feel confident for the first time in a long time. However, once the original shine (pun intended) starts to fade, you'll start to notice that the shine on your head reflects your new "hair". It's not real. When you look at people with shaved heads, you will notice that their skin is not as shiny as yours. Zero-Shine 2.0 (2.6 oz) will solve this problem by allowing you to remove shine from your bald head and make your bald head matte, which will last for up to 2 days. It can be used while performing various activities because it is waterproof. An all-natural moisturizer. Keep your head and SMP treatment looking great while giving them a matte look with the zero shine effect.

  • Remove the gloss.
  • Anti-glare
  • Mattification (scalp)

No drying chemicals are used. We have everything you need to protect your scalp and oily skin with our specially formulated cream.

Zero Shine 2.0 (2.6 oz) | Anti shine cream for bald head

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